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My name is Mariah! I am an ICU RN, proud doggy momma, and wife. I’m born and raised in good ol’ Oklahoma! My husband, doggy, friends, and family are my greatest support! I am so thankful for the life I have.

This last year I have gone through a huge transformation and have started recovering from an eating disorder! I still struggle, but I try everyday to become a better person!People tell me I have a huge, caring heart, that I am an old soul, and an empath! All I want is to help others, raise awareness for eating disorders, and find like-minded souls in this crazy thing called life.


This is my venting space! These posts will be raw, authentic, and sometimes really intense.

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Peace and love,


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I am not a therapist or trained professional, just someone who has suffered from this horrible mental illness. If you or a loved one needs professional help, please seek help!