The Wreck of My Life?

Tuesday evening I was in a car wreck. I am ok… I am very blessed actually and here’s why…

I was driving and needed to stop because I was going to get cut off by a car going too fast. I got rear-ended by a car going at least 35 MPH. Me… at a dead stop… him at at least 35-40 MPH. I am so lucky that my injuries are not as major as they could have been.

His car went mostly under my CUV. It was an older car and nose-dived right at the end when he attempted to brake. I am so lucky. If it had actually hit the back straight on… my injuries would be extremely different.

This is only the beginning of my luck/blessings/grace given by the Lord above.

My insurance has put us through some loops, but overall has bent over backwards to help us. My husband has gone out of his way to make sure I’m taken care of. He’s answered all my calls at work, took me to the ER after the wreck, at home makes sure I have everything I need and am comfortable, and deals with insurance over and over again. My daddy took me to an accident and auto care treatment center yesterday. They said it would only take 45 mins… ya 2 hours later. My mom brought me an Icee from 7-11 which made me soo happy. And all the texts and love from others. I couldn’t feel more loved.

All I can do now is start recovering. PT 5x this week. Recovering with ice, heat, etc. Take the time I need so I don’t injure myself further. 

I didn’t expect this of course, but such is life. I feel like the good Lord was looking after me and I am so grateful this wasn’t worse.


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