“Why Me?”


Lately my mind has been wasting energy and wanting me to dwell on why me? Why I’m one whose suffered so much since I was about 12 years old.

It’s literally been such a rollercoaster since then that I can’t even explain! So why me? Why have I been chosen to endure all these ups and downs?

I then turned my focus from why me to what else could happen? What else could happen in life? Nothing. I realize my life is no different than others and I am no worse or better than anyone! We all have ups and downs in life constantly it’s just how we handle them and come back from them.

This was how I’d lived my life for a really long time, I always worked on being non-judgmental of others, because I never know what was going on in their lives, but I guess I needed a reminder of this.

So instead of why have I suffered so much, why not think about why I am so blessed and lucky.

I’m very lucky that my life has completely changed and we caught my eating disorder at a younger age. Change is hard but dying slowly is worse. Lucky that I have a wonderful family to support me. Lucky I have two dog babies who bring me so much joy…

And recently soo lucky that I have found LipSense which has helped me realize I am beautiful and I have more confidence than I remember.

I have many things going for me, so I will try and focus on those things.


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