The movie, “TO THE BONE” is coming out next month on Netflix. It is about a young woman struggling with anorexia who meets an unconventional doctor to help her face her condition and embrace life.

This is important for people to understand because many people with bulimia don't show physical signs and feel very alone because they can't tell anyone. -MD

I have mixed feelings about this movie coming out… It is supposed to be a dark comedy. There is nothing comedic about eating disorders.

If anything they are super dark, causing so much despair and desperation.

When I first watched the trailer I did think that this was “romanticizing” eating disorders. Giving the viewer ideas on how to either become further immersed in their eating disorders, or how to propel into one.

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My total horror about this movie is that Lily Collins became emaciated for this role. SHE IS AN EATING DISORDER SURVIVOR! She looks so gaunt. There is no way this was good for her. I can’t even imagine. That’s literally choosing to go backwards!

Ok, here is how I think this could be an OK thing. I say OK with major hesitation. We really need there to be more awareness about eating disorders. If this is the start and brings more people to realize how awful eating disorders are, then so be it.

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It will always be hard to discuss this topic. This topic is so sensitive. I’m not sure there would ever be a good way to portray it. These people have the resources and opportunity to share a story. I still am hesitant.. very… but maybe this is a good thing?

I see people watching this more than documentaries on survivors stories… we will see what happens…