Being an ICU nurse, some days are easier than others

I am usually at peace with this and have accepted how my job is

Today pushed me harder than other days though, and really made me think and grow as a person

Life is extremely short

Sickness and death can knock on our doorstep at any time

We only have so many days on this earth from birth to death, how will you choose to live?

What if today is your last day alive?

What all would you do?

It can happen to anyone…

A young person can go from being happy and healthy to extremely sick, multiple organs failing, like a huge puzzle needing to be fixed. . . I can be an older person, a kid. . .

All the puzzle pieces sometimes can be placed back together (hopefully), but where do we even start?

If the doctors and nurses try everything and can’t put these puzzle pieces back together, what does someone think/feel in the end of their life?

I CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE! Are they frightened? Feeling at peace that they will pass away? Scared of where they are going after they pass away? Unsure what their afterlife beliefs are? Scared to leave their families?

How did they choose to live in life? Did they accomplish their dreams? Find love? Finish their bucket list?

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How is the family handling this situation?

Of course this is situation dependent. These situations are never easy for family.

ICU nurses really do see family at their worst times. I can’t imagine how awful it is to sit and watch your loved one in such a dire situation. Watch as doctors and nurses do everything to save them.

… but most of the time all the family can do is WAIT.  How horrible!

Have you told your loved one everything you’ve wanted to say? Seen them as much as you’ve wanted?  Loved on them enough?

Don’t wait until it’s their end of life to do this…

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I have been reminded how life can change so fast. Remember that life is fleeting, love the ones around you as it’s the last day!




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