The Gassin’ and Car Washin’ of Life

We easily go to gas stations and put gas in our cars. Why is it so hard for us to fuel our bodies? Even tho we all have to eat the diet industry is changing everyday and adding all these new “fad” diets! How is it possible to figure out what is best for our bodies? People with eating disorders are on the rise everyday and among all demographics, ages, races, etc. Eating disorders combined with figuring out what’s best for overall nutrition can be really overwhelming and take a toll on people.

Why can’t fueling our bodies be just like putting gas in a car? Wishful thinking… I know when I was really really sick with my eating disorder my mind rattled with what all I couldn’t eat. The list of things I believed I could eat was extremely short… Very restrictive… Based off of internet research, what a doctor told me was “best”, allergy testing, and what my STUBBORN nurse-brain told me was right. Because we all know I’m always right…💁

I literally became so restrictive in my food consumption that I mostly ate like a rabbit… Something had to change! My brain was not functioning off of what I consumed.

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During treatment and even now I am realizing that the diet industry IS SOO RICH!!! I can’t imagine how much money they made off of me… and how much they make off of others!!! I’ve saved so much money giving up all my exercise programs, diets, supplements, “special foods.”

Now I’m trying to fuel my body like a well-fueled car. Eating many types of foods and being less-restrictive. I am learning to eat what I like. I actually enjoy sweet treats, which is huge progress seeing as I used to consider them “bad.” My food choices may need to be different because of my eating disorder, but I hope we can all choose to fuel our bodies like we fuel our cars. We don’t want empty tanks now do we? 

Regular or Ethyl - Cars Land...I remember when there were gas station attendants who pumped your gas..regular or ethyl, Mam?...i'm officially 'OLD'! :'(:

So how does a car wash fit into this?

For most of us taking care of our cars outside and inside is important! Well our bodies should be to! Self-care is important!2016-05-12-downsized

 Before I went into treatment I barely made anytime for myself. I made excuse after excuse to take care of others… I mean I am a nurse right?! Being a nurse was my identity tho. I needed to figure out who I was without my stethoscope around my neck! 

I’ve learned that even if I just need to sit and watch a netflix show, it’s ok. Sleeping an extra hour, it’s ok. Taking the time and energy I need to to take care of myself is extremely important for me to have a long life!

In a world where everything is speeding up, I am trying to do the opposite. Sit, relax, meditate, breathe.

So let’s fuel and car wash our lives today!