My *???* Lb Life

Yesterday I went to the doctor. I specifically asked the nurse to please not let me know what my weight was when she put me on the scale. I haven’t weighed myself in almost an entire year!!! This is a huge accomplishment since I used to weigh myself multiple times a day…

Debunking the common myths about eating disorders and body dysmorphia:

So, as I was leaving the doctor they gave me a print-out summary of my appointment. On the top was my weight and BMI. The doctor knows I have an eating disorder, she is aware it’s better I don’t know my weight. This seriously threw me for a loop. I realized I am still struggling with body dysmorphia. but I know logically it’s just a number, but holy crap! I don’t blame her at all, she just doesn’t understand how this could really set back someone with an eating disorder.

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The need for eating disorder education with healthcare providers here is exponential…

After this I went and ate lunch by myself! I reflected and logically thought about how it is just a number. Of course my eating disorder thoughts were trying to take over, but I tried to combat these thoughts at all costs. This number on a machine does not define who I am. My life has been so different this past year. I now know the number, but I choose not to dwell on it. I am choosing to live a life with purpose!

My body is my home and I will not tear it down - A poem by Anastasia Amour @

My hope is that as humans in a world obsessed with weight, sizes, diets, etc, we can choose not to freak out about a number on a scale. Does this really define us? Seriously? We are more than a number. The obsession a year ago was horrible. I have realized how far I have come in the last year.

I hope and pray others can realize they are more than a number. Enjoy the lives we have been given and realize every second is precious!




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