The Body Exhibit

My husband and I went to celebrate our birthdays last week in Vegas! On our trip we went to the “Bodies Exhibit” at the Luxor Hotel.

Vegas… oh Vegas is a place where people come, drink, gamble, but ALSO WEAR WHATEVER THEY FEEL LIKE, seriously a free for all. It was not surprising to see ladies booties or boobies hanging out all over the place. I felt very self-conscious, especially because recently I’ve been working so hard on body-acceptance.

Image result for body exhibit

So we decided to go to the “Bodies Exhibit.” My nurse-side was geeking-out. This exhibit was so cool from start to finish. This exhibit really helped me re-group and remember how awesome our bodies are! How amazing is it that our bodies can work as one with every intricate piece playing a part.

My favorite part of this exhibit was the “MRI Body.” The body had been sliced into pieces showing how an image looks when it is taken in an MRI. Just seeing how amazing our technological advancements are is awesome.

Image result for body exhibit mri   Image result for body mri  Image result for body mri

I am so glad we went to this exhibit, because it re-focused me onto what is important in life. Having a well-functioning body, no matter the size, but one that is functioning at full-capacity for me.

If this exhibit comes near you, I urge you to go!!!

Bodies Exhibit




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