Is It Really “Bikini” Season?

Is your body socially acceptable for bikini season? Do you feel you’ve been giving your diets and exercise programs the best you can? Are you ready to fit into these tiny pieces of clothing called a “bikini?” Do you feel like your body is looking “perfect?” What is “perfect” anyways???

Image result for gif yellow polka dot bikini

Have you been “nitpicking” yourself in the mirror? Grabbing at your skin? Weighing on the scales excessively? Blaming your body, diets, and nutrition? Have you been crying and waiting for fall to come back so you can go into hibernation?

Is this worth it?


I am focusing on Choosing Life and Choosing Recovery!!!

Image result for gif summertime

I choose to

  • Enjoy the sand between my toes
  • Enjoy the vitamin D and sunshine
  • I will enjoy swimming in the water
  • Enjoy family time
  • Savor the fresh air
  • I will enjoy nature
  • I will work on art, drawing, be creative
  • I will just be

I will thank my body for what it has been through, what it is going to go through, and how much it does for me. Instead of focusing on fitting into restrictive clothing, I will choose to just live and be happy.



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