To Detonate- The Inner Explosion

To Detonate- det·o·nate  [ˈdetnˌāt]


  1. explode or cause to explode:

    “two other bombs failed to detonate” ·

    “a trigger that can detonate nuclear weapons”

    synonyms:explode · go off · blow up · shatter · erupt · ignite · bang · blast · boom · set off · explode · discharge · let off · touch off · trigger · ignite · kindle

How many bombs go off daily we dont know about? 

How sheltered are we from the real war going on?

Yes, the wars across the seas, but also the wars even in America.

When is enough enough?

Which war do we even target?

Poverty, drugs, education crisis, them keeping secrets from us? 

When does this all explode and come to a halt? 

When is it finally enough? 
In rememberance of all those who have fought and lost their lives for America, I ask us Americans to think about this. I also in remembrance of them, think about all they sacrificed for our country. It wasn’t just them that sacrificed, but also their wives, husbands, children, everyone surrounding them. We need to honor them! May you rest in peace!!! 



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