*How My Dog Helped Me During My Hard Times*

I have the best dog, his name is RED. My brother noticed him while looking one Saturday at a local pet shop. I was at nursing clinicals that day, but made my way immediately over to the store right after to see him. When I first saw Red, I thought he was so precious. He has human-looking eyes, the cutest Pomeranian tail, and a personality for days! When I chose to adopt him, I found out about his backstory. My poor baby had been abused, when he was rescued by a wonderful women, he was so emaciated and covered in ticks. She nursed him back to health and then put him up for adoption. Knowing myself and my history, I knew I could give him a good home. I took him home and my poor baby had such bad anxiety. We immediately bonded, because we both have horrible anxiety. Throughout these last 4 years, Red has been with me through nursing school, break-ups, meeting and marrying my husband, starting my nursing career, multiple moves, and during this last year, going through horrible eating disorder recovery and starting recovery… let’s just say…


We all go through hard-times, but I know first-hand that having my Red by my side has made it easier for me to live. I’m sure if you have a dog, you would say the same thing.  This last year I learned what it truly means to be “(wo)man’s best friend” or is it “dog’s best friend”?


  • THEY DON’T CARE WHAT THEY/YOU LOOK LIKE!- You can wear whatever you want and still feel wanted and loved, what is better than that? This last year has been so hard for me spiritually, emotionally, physically. For a long part of this last year, I haven’t cared about my appearance at all. On top of that, I felt so depressed and down that all I wanted to do was sleep and be lazy. When I’d come home and see Red waiting at the door, tail-wagging, tongue out, it made my mood slowly improve.


  • THEY ARE GENUINELY HAPPY All my Red needs is food, water, shelter, a place to crap and pee, and love. He is my rescue dog, but there is no way of knowing that at this point, because he is always running around and happy as can be. He smiles and shows his bottom teeth (my fave)!


  • THE GIFT OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE- Have you suffered from insecurities? Feeling undeserving of love? I have also suffered with both a lot this last year. What has really helped me though, is knowing that my dog does unconditionally love me.


  • CONSTANT ENTERTAINMENT- My dog is so freaking funny. He lays on the back of the couch and OF COURSE places his butt right next to my face (farts to). This is just one of the many humorous things he does…


  • DOGS NATURALLY LOWER OUR STRESS LEVELS- After dealing with stressful doctors appointments, counseling sessions, etc, it is always nice to come home and just relax with my doggy. There is research that shows that petting dogs does release stress-reducing chemicals in humans… I believe it!


  • DOGS WILL CHEER YOU UP WHEN YOU’RE SAD- I can’t count on my hands how many times I’ve come home in the last year so upset and sad. Red immediately starts licking my face, running to sit on my lap, trying to get me to pet him. Does he know my every need?


  • WHEN YOUR DOG IS AROUND YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, YOU HAVE A SHADOW FOLLOWING YOU AROUND- How many times have you almost fallen over, or tripped on your dog? For me it is countless! Red in particular tries to herd my feet…. man, he really does follow me everywhere… I try to get privacy… usually I don’t succeed.



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