The Fruit Cup Story

Back many months ago when I first started treatment I was afraid of fruit cups…

Yes, you heard me right… Afraid of them… I don’t think it was just the fruit cup, but what it represented. Giving up my control, freedom, what i’d believed for a long time was the “best foods” for my body… SUCH A CHALLENGE!

Peace is accepting today, releasing yesterday, and giving up the need to control tomorrow.:

My first afternoon that I started at Living Hope Eating Disorder Treatment Center... Or was it Living Hell EDTC… I brought my dinner. The dietician came in and said I needed to add more food to it (duh, I have an eating disorder). I don’t even remember what I had brought food wise, but I remember her bringing me a fruit cup.

Image result for fruit cup

I was terrified. I started thinking of all the processed sugar, fake crap that this so called “fruit” was drenched in. Is this really even fruit???

I told her I couldn’t eat it. I was adamant. She however, just as stubborn as I am talked me into it. She said I could drain the juice and just eat the fruit. So, I ate it… Hesitantly.

Image result for fruit cup

Since then I have eaten many fruit cups and learned to enjoy the juice that accompanies the fruit. I don’t worry anymore about the “processed sugar,” I focus on nourishing my body! 

I’ve come a long way since day 1 of treatment and I am now grateful for my treatment center that has helped me!


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