The Intervention that SAVED ME

My husband noticed my eating disorder before it really hit me.

He sat me down and told me his concerns about my lifestyle and behaviors… I’m so stubborn and independent it took a while for what he said to seek in…

My husband had been deployed for 4 months and just gotten back. The changes that had happened to me in those 4 months were exponential. I was getting ready for our wedding and was nearly starving myself wanting desperately to look “perfect.” Using multiple behaviors, diets, supplements, exercising excessively, so desperately wanting to be perfect for that one day. The doctor I was seeing at the time did not help this situation at all and told me I needed to lose weight. The desperation was real and I was hitting a real low.

13895560_10101118982247828_3561501199368224833_n Joan Esposito helping Priscilla with her veil:

My husband realized I needed help… I eventually did to… probably took a lot of twisting my leg though to get me there. My poor poor husband. Too bad he is stuck with me. I’m just so dang stubborn…

Top 30 Quotes about Strength you should always remember #Vibes:

My brain really wasn’t working well. My critical thinking was poor, but I finally believed what he said and listened.

After my wedding I tried to seek help. I sought out my PCP with no help, started with a  new therapist with no help, I was desperate because I was HITTING ROCK BOTTOM. My thoughts were horrible, I was so depressed and anxious, I hate to admit but I even had suicide thoughts. This never would have been me… I thought… but it was.

Most of the time I can keep you at bay, just underneath the surface.  Most people don’t know your depth, strength or intensity.  If I can ask them how they are, you get deflected.  I’ve become an e...:

I finally contacted an eating disorder doctor. This changed my life. I just can’t thank my husband enough for realizing how bad my disorder had gotten. He truly saved my life.




8 thoughts on “The Intervention that SAVED ME

  1. I like your quote about wanting someone to stand by you while you saved yourself. So true that mere mortals can’t save us. I admire you for sharing your story.
    Blessings ~ Wendy


  2. Thank you! My husband has been a huge part of my journey but I did have to save myself. This has been a long journey, but I wouldn’t change it and have been very blessed. Peace and love ❤

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  3. Know that you are loved by many. Know and always remember that your strength has been seen and experienced by others. Your compassion for others will eventually cross over and mirror into yourself. You have a huge heart and such love for others that it would be impossible without some love somewhere deep down for yourself. Know that you will find that at some point. Your true friends and family will be there to help you find it and point it out to you when you are blind to it’s whereabouts. It’s there. Your strength is there. It is a slow process, but I have every confidence that you will find your way.


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