SICK… just SiCk

These last few days I have been sick with a sinus infection. To many this may suck, but not be that big of a deal… However, to me and most people with ED, this is a huge challenge.

When I am sick with anything my appetite goes away!  I also I tend to have nausea, ED thoughts raging in my head, and as I recover from my sickness, I also have to recover and get back on the ED recovery bandwagon. When my energy is low, it is so easy to let ED win, but I can’t do that!

When I am sick, I know it is best to keep fighting. Even if I have to make myself eat bite by bite… I may not be perfect at all the meals, but at least I am trying! I know others out there can understand my issue and relate. It is such a challenge at times!!!

My goal is to not take too many steps backwards, but to keep trekking forward!



Losing weight from the Flu being bad-




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