Lets Get… Physical

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Today, as I am sitting at home with cold-like symptoms with the best doggy ever, I felt like this is a good post to share today.

Growing up I was a dancer, cheerleader, swimmer, just a happy active kid. I kept spraining my ankles over and over and over. Over the years I have chronic ankle pain and now wrist pain probably from cheerleading.

For the last 5 years, my pain had become more generalized. I suffered from achy muscles, soreness, swelling, joint pain, and so much fatigue. My freshman year of college I started going to multiple doctors to figure out many health issues, including this. The doctors did not help much, but just kept trying to help me lose weight, add vitamins and supplements (most that were not necessary and caused toxicity), some even just to decrease my level of inflammation, and ended up just masking the symptoms. Massages, ice, heat, everything I tried only temporarily helped.

As my ED got worse, so did the pain. I could sleep for 14+ hours a night and take naps multiple times a day. My level of energy was so depleted. I mean how could I keep my energy up if I was mostly just eating tuna kits, salads, shakes, detoxes, etc. I was feeling like I was dying.

When I started treatment the pain continued horribly. As my body started shifting and re-feeding happened to me, I honestly thought I couldn’t handle it anymore. After a while I honestly thought I had an autoimmune disorder or fibromyalgia. I got tested for autoimmune which was negative. My ED doctor started to explain how ED could cause the pain and how it will start to subside over time.

Fast forward to now..

Now my body is going through a huge transformation that will last for many more months… Could be up to a couple years. My pain is better, but it is still there at times, and can still get bad. My really hard days at work make the pain worse, but I am starting to learn how to control it. Meditating, medication if needed, relaxing, taking time to myself when I need to, and learning to not let others effect how I feel.

I thought that going through treatment would fix this… a quick fix… obviously it did not…

Does anyone else relate to this?


9 thoughts on “Lets Get… Physical

  1. Yes, I’m just starting to get treatment and I just started going through the re-feeding thing right now. I have had chronic pain 24/7 since 2006. I totally relate.


  2. Thanks. I’m sorry you deal with chronic pain too. It’s really almost impossible to relate to if you haven’t experienced it. I have a hard time relaxing so I’m trying to work on it. Did you experience the re-feeding pain for very long? It’s terrible.


  3. I can identify with severe arthritis in my knees, hips, and back mostly as a result of my Ed and bingeing.Things are getting better since I am in treatment. I didn’t gain all this weight. Overnight so I won’t lose it overnight. I keep my focus on eating mindfully and try not to think about losing weight.🌸


  4. It came in waves I felt like. After a while tho it was manageable and a lot better. Just generalized pain in general is horrible, then go ahead and talk on all of the ed issues. So hard but we can all overcome

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  5. That’s exactly my philosophy. It really sucks. I get it! The cycle of bed is also horrible on the body. Taking time to readjust takes so much patience. I am so impatient tho at times.

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