LOVESICK for Lovesick

Since my wedding this time last year, my life has been SUCH A WHIRLWIND. My life took a huge downturn after the wedding being so sick with ed, but then slowly my life has started to come back up while I’ve pieced my life slowly back together.

For many months all I wanted to wear was sweat pants, sweat shirts, and comfortable clothing that was low-maintenance. I was extremely depressed and had no desire to put effort into my clothing choices. As the months went on tho and I started slowly feeling better, finding clothes that were cute, stylish, and comfortable has been one of the BIGGEST challenges. Not only did I want cute clothes, but just like many other women and girls, I’ve been really afraid of going into public and accepting my body as it is right now.


Lovesick is a store that opened about a year ago. Owned by Torrid, this store spoke to my style and the workers have always been so nice and helpful!!!

I found out a few weeks ago this store is closing to focus on expanding Torrid. I am SOO sad! Finding a store that had clothes I actually liked and in my price-point was hard! This store closing is like a gut punch! I mean the more plus-size stores the better!

I really hope this store re-opens in a couple years, like they told me they might. I will miss this place so much. In the meantime there are great discounts as they sell the rest of the clothes before shutting their doors for now.




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