Coping… What??? 

When i started treatment, all I wanted to do was sit alone in a corner and do nothing. As things progressed, I slowly came around to trying some coping skills. Here’s a list i’ve come up with. Soon I also will post DIY coping skill ideas 🙂

1. Coloring

2. Drawing

3. If you feel artistic, do whatever makes you happy and let it shine

4. Journaling

5. Reading

6. Music

7. Sitting in nature

8. Taking a short walk in nature

9. Meditating

10. Yoga

11. Dance

12. Watch your favorite movie

13. Netflix

14. Watch a new movie

15. Go to a group

16. Therapy

17. Guided imagery

18. Go to a new event in the community

19. Volunteer

20. Socialize with friends

21. Hold a pet

22. Spa day

23. Take a shower or bath


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