;;; To Amy Bleuel ;;;

Project Semicolon:

This one is for Amy,

A semicolon is NOT just for punctuation…

When I first started treatment I saw a friend with a semicolon tattooed on her.  Me being an avid tattoo lover I thought it looked so cool and unique, so I asked her about the story behind it. She started telling me about “Project Semicolon” and how a semicolon represents hope and love for those that struggle with addiction, self-injury, depression, and suicide.  Amy Beuel the author felt that “an author uses a semicolon to not end a sentence but to continue on.  We see it as you are the author and your life is the sentence.  You’re choosing to keep going.” I thought this was such a cool idea, so I researched the project and Amy Bleuel further.  Amy herself had a family and personal history with mental illness.

A few days ago, I was strolling through the internet and saw that this role model of mine had passed away. Amy succumbed to her illness by committing suicide. We lost the life of such a beautiful, creative soul too early. I used to not believe that one person could really make a difference in this world, but to me she did…

Amy brought real awareness and hope to many people.  She was transparent about her struggles and drew people in with her story.  She used her story to inspire many, but she also struggled just like the rest of us.  As she knew, the struggle is constant and I can’t imagine the pain she must have been in. Even though she was a mental health activist and showed her strong side sharing her story, she was human, just like we are. She finally had had enough and was taken away from this earth, but look at what she left behind…

Through all the pain and suffering she started one of the greatest mental health projects. “Project Semicolon” is not over because she passed on. This may be a constant battle, but the reminder of the semicolon makes the battle that much easier. Amy started the project and it is up to us and the rest of the mental health community to continue it.

I want to personally thank Amy for starting this project. I know I’ve had some really dark days, especially in treatment. Having something small to remind me to keep going was helpful.  I hope this project can flourish even more than it has and inspire many more people.


In Honor of Amy Bleuel,

“Just don’t let them forget why I was here, because that’s what’s important”

I encourage those who are struggling or know others who are to seek help. If you are interested in this project and links related, there are some below:








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