Welcome friends!!! I just want to say thank you for looking at my blog. I hope and pray that this can be a safe place for many people. This blog is a work in progress, just like me! If anyone has any suggestions, photos to share, stories, etc please let me know! 

Peace and love,




2 thoughts on “WELCOME!

  1. I have been looking for a dress for my son’s wedding and I know exactly what you are talking about. This size looses style. I went shopping with the girls this weekend and they wanted to help me find something to wear which was really sweet but I couldn’t make myself try anything on. They are thin and that is what I want to be but have not been there for several years. I want to be comfortable with where I am but it is hard. I don’t know what the secret is but share it with me if you get it! I think we are beautiful inside though and I try to be the best person I can be and that is what I think God wants from us… To be ourselves and love ourselves for where we are in our lives for now.

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  2. I am so sorry its been so hard finding a dress! I had the obsession with being thin that it took over me and I lost myself in the process. I know for me now body image and everything obviously is so hard! All I do is taking it moment by moment. Its all we can do! I’m hoping as my blog continues to put shops online and in store that have a great variety of clothes, more on self acceptance and body love, and anything I can really find on the topic! I am sure you are just as beautiful on the outside as the inside!!! God made you just the way you are!!!


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