Since beginning treatment many months ago my body has been going through many changes. At this current time, I am plus-size. This has been very hard for me to accept, but I am trying to not focus on numbers… Whether on the scale, sizes of clothes, etc. I want my focus to be on how stylish pieces are and how they make me feel…

A few days ago I went to Kohl’s to shop. I was so excited because I had $70 Kohl’s cash to spend. The front section of women’s clothing really caught my eye. Cute sundresses, shorts, flowy tops, so I began to look.  As I am browsing this section, I am increasingly getting more and more frustrated. I realize these clothes are only sizes XS-XL.  I start thinking why, why can’t they just be more inclusive and add X XX XXX XXXX… to make these clothes all-inclusive and all sized girls feel beautiful. So I mosey my way over to the plus-size section and I just want to cry.  This section is extremely small, they have absolutely no pairs of shorts, only one small rack with capris, and all the jeans they have are expandable waists.  So I decide to look at shirts and my luck is no better… This shopping trip that I had looked forward to turned out so disappointing.

Why can’t stores be all-inclusive? I know I am not the only one who struggles with feeling this way. Stores make clothes “standard” sizes and if you aren’t “standard” size then how can you find cute, affordable clothing? Also think about how many men, women, children, including myself have succumbed to the pressure of society. Wanting to be those “perfect sizes”. What is perfect?  And how much is it worth giving up in the process?  How can we change these standards, even just the thought process to help us and further generations feel more empowered?

All I want for stores is for them to add the XXXs. Don’t make people pay more for sizes other than the “standard” sizes. How much more humiliating can it get?  Our job is to work on empowering ourselves and each other.  No matter what the industry does, at least we know we can control that. 








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