This is a hard thing to talk about, but in this day and age is it ok for people to ask one another if they are pregnant unless they know 100% they already are?

Recently I went back to work and my normal life activities when I stepped down in treatment.  Just because I am able to step down in treatment, does not mean my struggles stop there with ED.  If anything they ramped up because I was not around constant eyes and support…  I was so nervous to get back in my old routine.  I knew I had the best support system, but it didn’t matter the pressure was on.  My body was/still is and will continue to be changing and morphing for a lot longer.  This is from my body getting used to me feeding it, bloating, cramping, stomach issues in general, fluid shifting etc.

When I went back to work and life I expected an adjustment, but not to this extent… I was asked by many different people in stores, at work, and other places if I was pregnant… PEOPLE  EVEN TOUCHED MY BELLY!!!  I hardly knew what to say?  I wanted to yell “GET AWAY IM NOT PREGNANT I HAVE AN EFFING EATING DISORDER!!!”  I obviously didn’t do that… This was such a challenge I would just cry and try and overcome.  I knew why some people asked, probably because of bloating, but because I had been gone for so long… It just really still hurt my feelings… ya know?

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