Welcome friends!

Many months ago as my body started changing all I wanted to wear was sweat pants and sweatshirts because I was/still struggle with being comfortable in my own skin.  Some days I was just so down I’d want to go hide and crawl up in a blanket and sleep for hours to escape.  During this time I had the following discussion…

As I talked about previously, being plus-size can be hard to find clothes in general, ESPECIALLY ones that make you feel beautiful. During this discussion on body image, one of the main people in group talked about accessorizing. The point she tried to convey was that no matter your size, if you cannot find clothes your size… JUST ACCESSORIZE.  A friend and I looked at each other and completely disagreed… we argued with her for a few minutes… We so badly wanted her to understand that if we cannot find, cute, stylish clothing, then how can we feel beautiful, secure, happy in anything way?  She then asked us if we were a different size would we wear different clothes? Both of us without hesitating said YES!!! DUH!!! Of course we would… She did not understand this at all…  Both my friend and I only somewhat accessorize, but get pleasure out of wearing certain style clothing that is non-existent or mostly non-existent in plus-size. We will not settle for JUST ACCESSORIZING, we want clothes that help us feel comfortable and pretty!

The reason I share this story is that no matter how uncomfortable you feel, it is always worth feeling beautiful.  It is worth waiting for clothes that make you feel like your inner self is shining.

If you can do that by accessorizing then more power to you!!!




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