About CornerED

CornerED is a safe-space for anyone interested in mental health issues, specifically eating disorders, anxiety, and depression

 WELCOME! I am SO happy to have you here!

CornerED documents my ups and downs through eating disorder recovery, anxiety, depression, and just life in general!

CornerED started right when I left eating disorder treatment (ED) in 2017. During my life, I’ve learned to overcome many struggles and decided my stories can help others, so I got over my fear of writing and started this blog. Eating disorders are extremely sneaky, and I believe I can bring to light how severe and prevalent they are in society today!

So, to you my reader, I hope that through these posts you can find inspiration, hope, encouragement, and support.

My Personal Story

My name is Mariah. I live in Oklahoma with my husband and two fur babies. Mental health issue20294014_10155547243047463_5438429009695578195_ns have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. However, my eating disorder snuck up and hit me at the age of 23. Since then I voluntarily sought treatment and am on the road to recovery. These last few years have held many ups and downs, including the realization that I DO have an eating disorder. I feel like I have fallen into a deep pit and am slowly learning how to climb out and live again. Some days are really good and I try to focus on those!

Let’s get away from the Corner and start living life!

Love, Mariah




CONTACT ME – beautifullymariah@gmail.com